Keeping the baddies away

What is WatchDog?

Watchdog is a Discord bot, which runs off of a database filled with baddies. WatchDog keeps these baddies away from all servers which it has access to!

WatchDog is Open Source, which means you can help develop WatchDog @ GitHub!

Appeal Bans!

So, you might've gotten yourself banned... Well, fret not! You can appeal your ban through the WatchDog Appeal Server, and have a moderator re-evaluate your ban!

Appeal your ban!

Get Support!

If you want support for WatchDog, then Treeland is the place!
Treeland is a Community dedicated to bonding and creating new friendships, so being wholesome is always a plus! There is room for negativity as well, but drama has no place inside Treeland.

Once you've entered Treeland, there is a role that can be picked up for bot support at the bottom of #welcome!

Get Support!