Hello there traveler! I see you have traveled far and wide to reach this webpage... Let me introduce myself. My name is HeroGamers, but you can call me Hero. I've served as an epic gamer, with a career as a YouTuber, and a career in Graphic Designs for centuries now. On this page, you can find links to my socials, as well as a link to my Discord, where you can chat with me, and maybe grab a cup of coffee!
(Coffee must be brewed at own home, and enjoyed in front of a screen. Can be switched out with tea or a glass of water)

I am a:

▪ Content Creator
▪ Discord HypeSquad Event Attendee
▪ Discord Bug Hunter
▪ Discord Custodian
▪ Former #1 Danish Discord Translator
▪ Humble Partner
▪ Playtester for Modus Games

Humble Bundle Partner Stamp White

When you buy stuff on Humble Bundle, be sure to go through my partnered link first. That way I will get earnings from your purchase at Humble Bundle, if you were to make one.

Did you know that you, most of the time, will be able to choose what your money goes to, like giving some of the money to charity!

Visit the Humble Bundle Store!