Hi, I'm Hero.

I'm a Danish student who likes to fiddle around with nerdy stuff.

About Me

Hello there!

My name is HeroGamers, but feel free to call me Hero!
I'm a Danish student at a Higher Technical Examination Programme school in Denmark, who is going for the MSc programme in Computer Science and Engineering.

In my free time I spend time on the chatting application Discord, as well as coding weird stuff whenever I feel like doing so. Whenever I'm not around, I'll most likely be at school, work or doing homework - but if you send me a DM on Discord, then I'll be right around to answer you.

Content Creator
Discord HypeSquad Event Attendee
Discord Bug Hunter
Humble Partner
Playtester for Modus Games
Former Discord Custodian for the Feedback Website
Former #1 Danish Discord Translator

Welcome to Treeland!

My Discord Server is called Treeland, and it could be your new home away from home!
Treeland is a Community dedicated to bonding and creating new friendships, so being wholesome is always a plus! There is room for negativity as well, but drama has no place inside Treeland.

So, are you ready to say hi to your new family?

Become a fully fledged Treelander!
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Did you know that you, most of the time, will be able to choose what your money goes to, like giving some of the money to charity?

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